Sunday, June 1, 2014

May 29, 2014

Arrived at terminal 4 of Heathrow in London 45 mins late. Thanks rainy, British weather. 
We had to quickly retrieve our luggage which caused a small panic attack for us because our luggage was LITERALLY the LAST luggages to come off the belt. 
After that, we ran to find our way to terminal 1, where we would hop on a bus to Bournemouth. Turns out Heathrow is super massive and we had to take a subway (trolley, as those silly Britons say) to first terminal. 
We looked like stupid, lost puppies when we had to ask this man (who actually ended up being our bus driver!?!) where we should go once we arrived to the bus station, but with his directions, we boarded our bus and took a 2.5 hour bus ride south to the beach town of Bournemouth.

When we got to Bournemouth, we decided that walking to our hotel would be quick, easy and cheap! NO NO NO! So wrong. It ended up being a 45 minutes uphill trek with super heavy luggage and I hate thinking about it because it might actually have been the most painfull and sweaty time of life...

So when we FINALLY got to our hotel, The Newbury Hotel, super quaint, we checked in and walked up three flights of miserably steep stairs to our number 12 room.

We chilled, got dressed and left two hours later to explore Bournemouth and head to the McBusted concert. We walked to the super long and awesome pier in Bournemouth and stopped at the Hot Rocks bar, where we got drinks (leagally! woohoo, thank you leagal British drinking age) and sat outside to enjoy the chilly weather. 

Around 6, we walked to the Bournemouth International Center and stood in a line (or a queue) waiting to enter and eventually see my favorite band since I was 12 perform. We got lots of stares and were asked "are you Americans?" like 500 times, but whatever, it was cool. 

After FOUR OPENING BANDS (it was a bit ridiculous) our ears were blessed with almost two hours of magical music while McBusted, which is actually a combination of two seperate bands, McFly (aka the loves of my life) and Busted who's members are all friends (mates) and wanted to tour with each other, playing each other's songs together on one beautiful stage. 
Here are some horrible, shaky pictures we took. Also, notice how ugly and sweaty we are while remembering that we haven't slept for like 28 hours at that point.

After the concert, we stopped at a convenience store to buy a bag of doritos, two dr. peppers and a bottle of water for our first meal in England. How delicious. 
We ate and crashed. The End. 

May 28, 2014

Flight from New Orleans to Houston.
Ate Panda Express really really quickly because we had to get on our flight to London. 
We got on the plane and were super excited to find that there were many Brits on the flight who were gonna expose us to thier super cool accents for the next 10 hours. We were pretty excited, of course.